3 Fast Weed Wacker Tips

If you want a beautiful, green lawn in the summer, you have to do more than just mow it. You have to trim the trees, care for the flower beds, and weed wack. So what’s the best way to do so?

Cheyenne Hauling offers residential and commercial lawn care services in and around Cheyenne, including Northern Colorado. Our team has years of experience in making your yard shine bright. Below, we’ll go over three quick weed wacker or weed eater tips. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Use Your Weed Wacker Properly

It’s best to understand how your weed wacker works, including how to trim the string and hold it, and its uses. Moreover, a weed wacker can be used for trimming grass around the edges of your sidewalks, trees, and other landscaping elements, as well as helping with other edging, tapering, and scything.

Clean Your Weed Trimmer After Every Use

Proper care of your weed eater will get you a long way to ensuring it consistently works every time. Simply remove any excess clippings or dirt around the string head and ensure your line is level for the next time. Remember to add fuel or charge it when done as well.

Wear Proper Gear and Ear Protection

You’ll want to be comfortable while operating a weed wacker. We recommend closed-toe shoes, long pants or high sockes, gloves, and eye protection. In addition, ear protection will protect your ears from the loud, high-pitched whine the weed eater emits.


Cheyenne Hauling offers the best residential and commercial lawn care in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Our team can’t wait to help you make your outdoor living space enjoyable. Contact us to get started today!

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