How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is a common task many people either undertake themselves or hire a local handyman to do for them. After all, you have to stare at your kitchen cabinets every day, so why not make them gorgeous?

Cheyenne Hauling is a local handyman company in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We offer the best handyman services, covering everything from plumbing and eletrical work to painting. Below, we’ll take a look at how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Contact our team today!


Gather the Right Tools

Anytime you are painting, you will need several items, including paintbrushes, a bucket, cloth or plastic sheeting, the paint, and sandpaper. Gathering all of these items before you begin will make the painting go faster.

Remove All Hardware and Knobs

It’s easier to remove the hardware and knobs of your kitchen cabinets rather than tape them and try to paint around them. That way, you can be sure you don’t accidentally get paint on your hardware as well. You’ll also want to remove drawer faces.

Clean and Sand the Kitchen Cabinet Surfaces

Paint adheres better to clean wood, and your kitchen cabinets are likely to have grease on them from their constant use. You’ll want to clean the kitchen cabinets thoroughly. Then, sand the surfaces so that the paint can adhere better.

Prime Your Cabinets

You’ll want to add primer to your kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and cabinets. Primer smoothes out any imperfections in your cabinets and makes a nice, smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. It also seals in stains.


Now, you’re ready to paint your kitchen cabinets. Cheyenne Hauling recommends that you use two coats of paint to really get a great, superior finish. Once you are done painting, you are ready to re-install your hardware and knobs, and you’ve got a new kitchen!


If you want someone else to handle the hassle of painting your kitchen cabinets, give us a call. Our local handyman offers free quotes and can give you a good time estimate. We supply all of the materials and clean up the mess, leaving you with just your kitchen cabinets to enjoy. Call our local handyman business to get started today!

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