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How to Lay Tile

Tile floors can be absolutely stunning, and they are definitely kid and pet-friendly, allows spills, dirt, mud, and food to get on it to no adverse harm. There is an endless variety to tile, from choosing any color of the rainbow to hundreds of different patterns and styles. You can truly personalize a room with tile. While installing tile may seem simple, in reality, it’s hard work and can take many days. Plus, there is most definitely a learning curve involved.

If you want a beautiful tile floor without the work, call Cheyenne Hauling today. We offer both residential and commercial tile floor installation services, as well as junk removal, handyman services, and powersport repairs. Below, we’ll go over in brief the steps to lay tile. Contact our handyman business to get started today!


  • Choose your tile. Spend some time really deciding which type of tile you want to lay. Then prepare the area by thoroughly cleaning up any dust and debris.
  • Gather your materials. You’ll need a fair bit of tile installation materials, including tile cutters, rubber mallet, a level, buckets, knee pads, and an electric saw for cutting the tile.
  • Plan ahead. Our Cheyenne handyman business recommends that you plan your tile patterns ahead for the best outcome and aesthetic value.
  • Prepare your mortar. The mortar is what will hold your tile permanently in place once it’s dry. We highly recommend you wear old clothes and use rubber gloves for this bit.
  • Lay your mortar with a tile trowel. You will want the mortar to be as smooth as possible. Tile trowels work the best.
  • Lay your tile. Be sure you work in sections so your mortar does not dry out.
  • Level your tile. Check every now and then that your tile is level. Pro tip: you can cut your tile as you go along so it’s not so much prep work upfront.
  • Apply and seal the grout. The grout is what goes in-between your tiles to fill the spaces in-between them. Our local Cheyenne handyman notes that this keeps out dirt and debris, as well as ensures your tile stay firmly in place.
  • Install your trim. Most people invest in new trim when they lay new tile. Trim can truly set off your tile nicely, adding in a classic look all its own.


Here at Cheyenne Hauling, we love helping our customers have the home or office they desire. We offer a wide variety of handyman services to meet your need, from building bunkhouses to repairing windows, trim, doors, and more. We have years of experience helping you with all your residential or commercial handyman needs. Whether you need help installing tile or you need junk removal services or your snowmobile repaired, we can help. Call our Cheyenne team today!