We Build Chicken Coops in Cheyenne

Let’s face it, chickens are fun to have. If you get them while they are chicks and you handle them a lot, they will forever be your pets, and your kids will adore them. Not only are chickens easy to care for, but they produce eggs and meat. Most people use chickens for their eggs, and there’s almost nothing more satisfying than frying up eggs you gathered that day.


Cheyenne Hauling supports those who want to raise their own chickens by building chicken coops in the Cheyenne area. Our team can either build a free-standing chicken coop, or build one attached to another structure. We can build it at your home or build a handmade chicken coop and deliver it to you. Building chicken coops is part of our handyman services here in Cheyenne.

If you are interested in having help building a chicken coop, call our handyman service for a free quote today!

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