How to Fix a Running Toilet

Almost all of us have experienced a toilet that won’t stop running. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying, plus it wastes water. Do how do you fix a running toilet?

Cheyenne Hauling offers local handyman services in Cheyenne. From fixing faucets to repairing dryway, we do it all. Below, we’ll go over how to fix a running toilet. Contact us for the best handyman services today!


Most running toilets are caused by a worn-out toilet flapper or the toilet fill valve.

  • Replace the flapper. The flapper is the rubber part that lifts when you flush to let the water out of the bowl. This flapper wears out over time, making the seal not-so-tight. If you can tell the flapper is deteriorated, just replace it. Simply buy the appropriate flapper (there are several kinds) from the hardware store, shut off the water to the toilet, flush, and replace, making sure the chain is the appropriate height.
  • Replace the fill valve. The fill valve’s job is to refill the tank after you flush. Replacing the fill valve is simply a matter of unscrewing the old one and putting the new one in place. Fill valve kits usually come with metal clips that will help prevent the refill tube from going below the waterline.
  • Fix the float. The float (the ball that sits in the tank) is what tells your tank to stop filling once it reaches the appropriate height. Our local Cheyenne handyman notes that if the ball is set too high, the water level will rise above teh overflow pipe, making your toilet run constantly. If you bend the arm a bit, you’ll usually get it to the right height.
  • Fix the tank lever. The tank lever is the bit connected to the handle that lifts the flapper once your flush. This part is tiny and often made of plastic, so it can break easily. Replace it for optimal results.


If you notice your toilet won’t stop running, try these tips. If you are still having problems, give our local handymen near Cheyenne a call. We can diagnose and fix your running toilet in a jiffy. Call our handyman business today!

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