How to Properly Plunge a Toilet

A toilet plunger is a simple tool. It basically consists of a stick with a round rubber end that covers the drain hole of your toilet. The point of a plunger is to create a tight seal so that you create a suction that then can unclog your toilet. While this simple tool may seem simple, when you go to use it on a clogged toilet, it suddenly becomes rocket science. So how do you properly plunge a toilet?

Cheyenne Hauling offers handyman services in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area. We are proud to offer both residential and commercial plumbing services, as well as help with all of your hauling needs. Below, we’ll go over the steps to properly plunge a toilet. Contact us to get started today!


  1. Get your plunger. This will either be a standard plunger or one with an extended flange (which is the end of your plunger).
  2. Wear gloves if your toilet water is near the surface as well as gather towels to soak up any overflowed water.
  3. Put your plunger over the drain hole, making a tight seal. To improve this process, you can put petroleum jelly on the flange for a tigher seal and plug any other drains in your bathroom like the sink or shower for a more effective suction.
  4. Force the plunger up and down for about 20 seconds, keeping the stick in a vertical position as much as posisble. The force of water and air going back and forth is what clears your clogged toilet.

If your toilet is still clogged after you try to plunge it, call your local handyman, Cheyenne Hauling, for assistance. There may be something else going on that you are unaware of that a professional should investigate.


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