Spring Yard Cleanup Tips

Spring is right around the corner, so you are probably looking around your yard and planning how to spruce it up. After all, it has sat all winter long largely left to itself and now is the time to prepare it for the summer growing season.

Cheyenne Hauling is a junk removal company located in Cheyenne, WY. We offer furniture removal, home cleanouts, estate cleanouts, appliance removal, and so much more. Backed by years of experience, our team can get the job done right. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to clean your yard up for the spring. Contact our handyman and junk hauling business today!


Remove Everything That is Dead

Odds are, you have a lot of dead debris littering your yard. Perhaps you have some old leaves, some annuals that died, pinecones, and dead grass scattered about. Dead material can smother new plants and prevent their growth, as well as foster disease. It’s best to rake this up and either compost them or send them to the trash.

Prepare Your Lawn for Summer Growth

In most areas in the United States, including in Cheyenne, grass starts to grow in April. You should begin to lay fertilizer down if the threat of frost is over, as well as remove any turf that was damaged by salt from the snow melt. Adding in a layer of compost can help stimulate new lawn growth as well.

Prune Dead Branches and Shrubs

Removing dead branches and shrubs helps to stimulate new growth. If you leave these dead materials on, the tree or shrub will attempt to revitalize them, taking away vital nutrients from other areas of the tree and shrub that are viable. It’s also a good time to cut back perennials as well.

Prepare Your Garden

Most gardeners are itching to get to planting. Spring cleanup is a great time to clean out your garden beds and plant those early-blooming seeds. Remove any weeds that you find, and add in a new layer of mulch as fertilizer.


Cheyenne Hauling can help with your spring yard cleanup needs. If you have old junk in the yard, such as appliances, tires, and the like, we can help. We can haul away your bagged leaves, sticks, and debris as well. We also offer handyman services, so if you need some help tidying up, let us know. Our team is more than happy to help. For yoru junk removal, call our Cheyenne hauling business to get started today!

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