shed and barn cleanouts in cheyenne

Cheyenne Barn and Shed Cleanouts

If your animals stay in the barn, or on the opposite spectrum, your barn is hardly used, it can become messy quite quickly. Additionally, your shed can become a place to stockpile items here and there. With Cheyenne Hauling’s barn and shed cleanout services, we can help you regain that space quickly. Call for a free estimate today!


Have Your Space Back

One of the best reasons to cleanout your barn and shed is to have that space back to use for other purposes. This includes being able to have your animals or hay in the barn or being able to put more items in storage.

Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

There are many people who could use your unwanted items. Selling your unwanted junk helps both you by putting money in your pocket and helps those who need those items receive them at a discounted price.

Find Items You Might Need

If you are looking for something and you can’t remember where you put it, it may be in your barn or shed. Investing in a barn and/or shed cleanout service is a great way to find these items easily.


If your barn or shed is overflowing with stuff, it’s time to call the professionals for help. Our team has years of experience in cleaning out homes, barns, sheds, trailers, and more. Above all, let our team do the dirty work to help you find what you are looking for or just to have your space back. Call for a free estimate today!

car hauling services

Cheyenne Car Hauling Services

Many of us have old cars sitting around our properties or in the street. Whether they just don’t work or you are getting them fixed up, sometimes you just don’t have a use for them. Cheyenne Hauling offers car hauling services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado for when your vehicle has outlived its lifespan. Give us a call for a free estimate today!


You Haven’t Touched the Vehicle in a Long Time

If you can’t remember the last time you used a vehicle on your property, it may be time to call for car hauling services.

The Car Hasn’t Moved in Months

If your yard’s weeds are threatening to grow taller than your vehicle, it’s probably time to call for car hauling services.

You’re Unsure If It Runs

If you don’t think your vehicle runs anymore, or you know it doesn’t, it’s probably time to give it another home.

CALL CHEYENNE HAULING for car hauling services TODAY

Cheyenne Hauling can remove your vehicle that is just taking up space on your property or in the street. Our hauling business offers a wide variety of hauling services to meet your needs. Whether you need an old fridge hauled off or you need a home cleanout, we can help. Our experienced and dedicated team offers quick services on your schedule. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

3 signs you need manure hauling

3 Signs You Need Manure Hauling Services

The average horse produces about 40 pounds of horse manure every day. If you do the math for 365 days a year that’s over 7 tons of waste products. A cow can product up to 65 tons of manure in a day, resulgint in 12 tons of manure in the course of a year. All of this horse manure piles up till the point you have to do something with it.

Cheyenne Hauling offers horse manure hauling services. We are a local Cheyenne junk removal company that hauls off old furniture, appliances, and electronics, as well as offers home cleanouts and handyman services. Below, we’ll take look at a few signs that you need manure hauling services. Call us for a free estimate today.


You Can’t Add to Your Manure Piles Any More

If your manure piles are getting to the point that you can’t add to them any more, it’s time to call for manure hauling services. Having all of that waste piled up on your property is an eye sore and not to mention flat-out smells.

You Have No More Space to Make Another Pile of Manure

If you are running out of space to make another manure pile, then it’s time to call for manure hauling services in Cheyenne. If you are looking at your land or space and notice you have no place else to create a manure pile, give our team a call for a free estimate today.

Your Piles of Manure Are Taller Than Your Barn

If your manure piles are taller than your barn or shed, it’s best to have those professionally removed as soon as possible. Manure piles can pose a health hazard both if they get in the water supply or on crops, or because of the harmful gases of the decomposition of manure.


Cheyenne Hauling is more than happy to haul the manure off your property or out of your barn so you can enjoy your property and your animals more. We offer free estimates and timely service. Give us a call for service in Northern Colorado or the greater Cheyenne, Wyoming area today.

how junk removal company can help with your office relocation

How a Junk Removal Company Can Help With Your Office Relocation

When your office is relocating, there can be a lot of logistics to contend with. From transferring utilities to handling the logistics of packing up all of your office furniture, there is a lot involved in switching office locations. So how can a local junk removal company help with your office relocation?

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best junk hauling services in Cheyenne. From refrigerations to box springs, electronics, old furniture, and old clothes, we’ve got your needs covered. Below, we’ll take a look at how a junk removal company can help with your office relocation. Contact our team to get started today!


Many companies don’t take the time to put a plan together when they are looking to move offices. Instead, they make the decision and plow ahead, rather than thinking through all of the steps.

One of the first things your business and employees should do when moving office spaces is to go through all of your items and throw away any unused or unwanted items. After all, do you really want to pay a moving company to move items you don’t want anymore?

One easy way to do this is to rent a dumpster from Cheyenne Hauling. We can deliver a dumpster for your employees to fill as they go through their belongings and then pick it up for disposal. We can also come and haul items out of your office space is that’s what you’d prefer as well. The point is to only move those items that are necessary. This will help you organize your new space, too.


As a local business, Cheyenne Hauling loves helping other local businesses with their junk removal services. If you are moving and need your office junk hauled away, give us a call we offer free estimates and have quick turnaround times, so we can schedule around your needs. Or, if you are just removing items to clear out space, we can help. Decluttering is good for the mind and the soul. Call us to get started today!

5 must-have spring lawn care tools

5 Must-Have Spring Lawn Care Tools

We all know that spring brings showers, and sometimes that can be a real dampener (pun intended). However, once the rain stops, you’ll need tools to help you with your spring lawn care needs. Cheyenne Hauling is a junk removal and handyman company located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Below, we’ll take a look at five must-have spring lawn care tools. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Lawn Mower

Whether you live in a townhome with a very small yard or you live on several acres, it’s super important to have a functional lawn mower in order to keep your yard looking good all summer long. In the spring, drag out your lawn mower, test it to see if it works, and get to mowing!

Weed Eater

While not absolutely essential, a weed eater or a string trimmer is quite handy to have in order to tidy up the weeds that lie against your landscaping elements, such as your trees, shrubs, and fencing. You’ll have a more precise manicured look if you weed whack!

Hedge Trimmers or Pruning Shears

Odds are, your trees or shrubs will need pruning and trimming in order to clear them of dead branches, add shape, and have them looking their best. A pair of hedge trimmers or pruning shears is one of the best spring lawn tools you can have on-hand.

Garden Trowel and Fork

You’ll be amazed at just how useful a garden trowel and fork can be. Perfect for all of your digging in the soil needs, as well as planting of new seeds, bulbs, and other flowers and plants, a garden trowel and fork will make these tasks easy and fun. They are also great for weeding and loosening soil.

Hoe and Rake

If you have a garden, then a hoe and rake are must haves. They not only can help you prepare your garden beds for spring planting, but they are versatile, all around great spring lawn care tools to have around for your other needs as well, such as raking up thatch and more.


Cheyenne Hauling offers the best commercial and residential junk removal, hauling, and handyman services in Cheyenne. Our team has years of experience performing landscaping work, as well as removing all of your unwanted items, in and near Cheyenne. We will work around your schedule so that we cause as little disruption to your routine as possible. We often offer same-day, no-obligation free estimates and schedule promptly.

If you are interested in our services, call for a free estimate today!

history of april fools day

History of April Fools’ Day

You either love April Fool’s Day or you hate it. On this day, people are supposed to play a prank or practical joke on you. Surprisingly, the tradition of playing jokes on others has been around for centuries.

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best junk removal services in Cheyenne. Our hauling company offers removal of all your unwanted items, from appliance and electronics removal to whole house cleanouts. We offer affordable prices that you will love. Below, we’ll take a look at the history of April Fools’ Day. Call our junk hauling company in Cheyenne to get started today!


As with most traditions, the institution of April Fools’ Day remains uncertain. Some historians say that it began in 1582. In this year, the start of the New Year officially became January 1. Previously, it had been April 1. Thus, those who still celebrated the new year in April were mad fun of and became the butt of jokes.

Some even take the idea of April Fools’ Day back even further to the fourteenth century when Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales featured a prank pulled on April 1. Many cultures had a very similar tradition and/or ceremony of playing jokes on others.

Officially, April 1, 1700, the English began playing jokes on each other that then became a tradition. The tradition spread from there into our modern-day celebration of playing jokes on others.


We thought you’d love a bit of history on this beautiful day in Cheyenne. Our family-owned hauling company loves to help people with all their hauling, junk removal, and grading needs. If you are in need of appliance, furniture, or other unwanted items hauled away, give us a call for a free estimate today!

warehouse cleanouts cheyenne northern colorado

Warehouse Cleanouts in Cheyenne

Warehouses are huges spaces that are easy to fill with your stuff — so easy in fact that there may come a time when you need help cleaning your warehouse of all the acquired clutter.

Cheyenne Hauling offers warehouse cleanout services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Our experienced team works hard to remove your unwanted items in a timely fashion, leaving your warehouse free once again. Below, we’ll take a look at the warehouse cleanout process, and call our junk removal company in Cheyenne for a free quote today!


  • Salvage what you want to keep. Sometimes, there may be items you want to keep. It can help to make piles of items you are keeping, any items you may want to sell, and unwanted items you will have your local junk removal company haul away for you.
  • Schedule your warehouse cleanout. Cheyenne Hauling will first come to your warehouse to give you an estimate for the job. Nex, we’ll schedule a time to come and remove all your unwanted items.
  • Cleanout your warehouse. Our junk removal company will have your items moved quickly, leaving you your warehouse space back to use for other, more important services.


No matter the size of your warehouse or business, we can help. If you’ve collected too much stuff over the years and now just want it gone, give us a call. Our professional team leaves your space pristine after we’re through. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

spring yard cleanup tips

Spring Yard Cleanup Tips

Spring is right around the corner, so you are probably looking around your yard and planning how to spruce it up. After all, it has sat all winter long largely left to itself and now is the time to prepare it for the summer growing season.

Cheyenne Hauling is a junk removal company located in Cheyenne, WY. We offer furniture removal, home cleanouts, estate cleanouts, appliance removal, and so much more. Backed by years of experience, our team can get the job done right. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to clean your yard up for the spring. Contact our handyman and junk hauling business today!


Remove Everything That is Dead

Odds are, you have a lot of dead debris littering your yard. Perhaps you have some old leaves, some annuals that died, pinecones, and dead grass scattered about. Dead material can smother new plants and prevent their growth, as well as foster disease. It’s best to rake this up and either compost them or send them to the trash.

Prepare Your Lawn for Summer Growth

In most areas in the United States, including in Cheyenne, grass starts to grow in April. You should begin to lay fertilizer down if the threat of frost is over, as well as remove any turf that was damaged by salt from the snow melt. Adding in a layer of compost can help stimulate new lawn growth as well.

Prune Dead Branches and Shrubs

Removing dead branches and shrubs helps to stimulate new growth. If you leave these dead materials on, the tree or shrub will attempt to revitalize them, taking away vital nutrients from other areas of the tree and shrub that are viable. It’s also a good time to cut back perennials as well.

Prepare Your Garden

Most gardeners are itching to get to planting. Spring cleanup is a great time to clean out your garden beds and plant those early-blooming seeds. Remove any weeds that you find, and add in a new layer of mulch as fertilizer.


Cheyenne Hauling can help with your spring yard cleanup needs. If you have old junk in the yard, such as appliances, tires, and the like, we can help. We can haul away your bagged leaves, sticks, and debris as well. We also offer handyman services, so if you need some help tidying up, let us know. Our team is more than happy to help. For yoru junk removal, call our Cheyenne hauling business to get started today!

cheyenne couch removal

Cheyenne Couch Removal

Couches are considered essentials for most homes. After all, you need a comfortable place to sit and relax at night, either to watch TV, read a book. or catch up on family news. When visitors and neighbors stop by, you need a comfortable place for them to sit as well. However, since your couch or sofa is used quite frequently, it can wear out on a regular basis.

Cheyenne Hauling offers couch removal services in Cheyenne, Burns, Hillsdale, and more. Our team can remove your unwanted couches and other furniture in a jiffy. That way, you’re home will be ready for a new couch to take its place. Some of the other furniture removal services we offer include:


Cheyenne Hauling always puts our customers’ needs first. We offer free estimates, and we work around your schedule to find a time that works for you. If you are in need of furniture removal, such as couch removal, give us a call for a free estimate today!

grading services by cheyenne hauling

Residential or Commercial Grading in Cheyenne

Grading is where you purposely create a slope or level out property. This is used for construction purposes, to build a roadway, to create landscaping, or to create drainage systems. For the most part, heavy equipment is involved as it is usually a lot of work.

Call Cheyenne Hauling for Grading

If you are in need of commercial or residential grading services in or near Cheyenne, we can help. Our hauling company has years of experience in heavy machinery operation and can help you perform all of your grading needs, including leveling and more. Contact us to get started today!