most common handyman services in cheyenne

Most Common Handyman Services in Cheyenne

As a homeowner or business owner, there are a lot of things that can go wrong that you would have to call a local handyman to fix, from a broken toilet seat to fencing, ceiling fan installation, carpentry and trimwork, and the like. Have you ever wondered what are the most common handyman services?

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best local handyman services in and near Cheyenne, including Burns, Hillsdale, and Carpenter. Our junk removal and handyman company can help you with all of your residential or commerical handyman needs. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common handyman services in Cheyenne. Contact our team for a free quote today!


Fixture Replacement and Installation Services

From light switches to ceiling fan, undercabinet lighting, bathroom faucets, and kitchen sinks, you local handyman completes a lot of these jobs every week. These are small touches that can add big value to your home or office space.

Drywall Installation

There is most definitely an art form to drywall, and most homeowners and business owners do not want to take the time to make their drywall look good. However, a handyman service has years of experience in drywall patches, repairs, and installation, and can ensure your drywall looks amazing.

Tile Installation

Point of fact, handymen can and do install all types of flooring, but tile flooring installation, as well as kitchen tile backsplashes, seem to be the most popular handyman service in and near Cheyenne, WY. Installing tile takes precision cuts and a lot of patience in order to get the tiles to lay perfect and look aesthetically pleasing.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Painting is another project that many homeowners and business owners just don’t want to tackle. Not only is it messy and time-consuming, but it’s easy to mess up, drop paint all over the floor, and have the job look extremely unprofessional. When you partner with your local handyman business, such as Cheyenne Hauling, you can rest easy knowing your painting job is top-notch.


Cheyenne Hauling is a handyman business that always puts our Cheyenne customers’ needs first. Our handyman services run the gamut, from power washing and painting to light plumbing and electrical work. Our experience, knowledge, and customer service sets us apart from the rest. You can expect a beautiful, timely handyman service every time. Call for a free quote today!

how to fix a hole in your wall

How to Fix a Hole in Your Wall

Many of us purposely put holes in our walls. You do this when you hang a picture, install surround sound or a TV mount, install hangers for your coats or curtains, and more. However, there are also occasions where you accidentally put a hole in the wall, such as when you are carrying heavy furniture to and fro. Either way, there is a fairly easy way to fix the holes in your drywall.

Cheyenne Hauling offer drywall repair and installation services, as well as patch work, for when you need a hole fixed. We can repair your hole in a jiffy, matching your drywall texture so that you won’t be able to tell where the hole was when we’re finished. Below, we’ll go over the steps to fixing a hole in your wall. Contact Cheyenne Hauling for handyman services today!


  • Get your tools ready. To fix a hole in your wall, you don’t need a lot of tools. You need some spackle or plaster, a putty knife, some sandpaper, wall hole patch, and maybe drywall if the hole is big.
  • You’ll want to smooth out the edges of your hole, remove any loose materials, and sand the edges if needed.
  • Apply the patch to the hole and then use your spackle or putty to hold it in place by using your putty knife. Allow this to dry. Smooth this out as much as possible.
  • Sand the patch and the putty once it has dried.
  • Spray your wall texture spray to match the rest of the wall as much as possible.
  • Repaint, and you’re done!


Repairing a hole in your wall is not all that difficult if you have the right tools and the desire to fix it. Cheyenne Hauling can help you repair any size hole seamlessly. We offer residential and commercial drywall repair and installation services, as well as other handyman services. Call us today!