Top 3 Items to Throw Away in the New Year

2022 is here! While many of us are setting resolutions and planning for the year ahead, you may also be going through your stuff and looking for items to throw away. Cheyenne Hauling offers the best junk hauling and removal services in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Northern Colorado. Below, we’ll go over the top three items to throw away in the new year. Get in touch today!


Old Pillows

Many of us just never think to throw away our old pillows and get new ones. But if one of your new year’s resolutions is to be healthier, than sleeping should be a priority. Invest in new pillows, and sleep better in 2022.

Old Clothes

Let’s face it, if you are saving clothes for “just in case,” odds are, that occasion will never come. Go through your old clothes and throw away the ones that you have not worn for over six months.

Extra Coffee Mugs & Water Bottles

Water bottles are popular swag giveaways at events, and odds are, your shelves are overrun with them. The same can be said for coffee mugs, which are a popular gift item from others. Go through your water bottles and mugs, and get rid of the ones that are cracked, broken, stained, or ones you just don’t use and don’t like.


The new year always brings a sense of excitement and hope. Plus, it’s time to get rid of the old to make room to usher in the new. By going through the items listed above and more, you’ll have more room in your home and have less stress since your home will be less cluttered. Cheyenne Hauling offers exceptional junk removal services in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Northern Colorado. Call for a free estimate today!

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