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4 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

As you age, you are probably looking to downsize your home. After all, you don’t need that much space any more. The kids have moved out, and all that extra space is just room you have to care for. Cheyenne Hauling is a local junk removal company in Cheyenne. We offer junk removal and hauling services for all of your unwanted items. Below, we’ll take a look at four downsizing tips for seniors. Contact us for a free quote today!


Don’t Rush

You’ll want to take your time when it comes to your downsizing process. Odds are, you’ve been considering this a long time, and you are probably still thinking about where you want to move. It’s best to start early so you have time to go through your things one item at a time and consider them. You won’t feel stressed, either.

Go Room by Room

It’s best to tackle your downsizing project by compartmentalizing your home. You can go room by room, starting with the rooms that are not frequently used. A spare bedroom or an unused closet is a good place to start. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when these areas are cleaned out quickly.

Sort Unwanted Items into Piles

As you are going through your belongings, you’ll want to sort them into piles. Make a “get rid of” pile, a “keep pile,” and a “maybe” pile. This will help you eliminate duplicate work. Consider carefully if you will use these items. Odds are, if you haven’t touched them in a year, they should be given away or disposed of properly.

Call for Junk Removal Services

When you have a good pile of items that needs to go, it’s best to get rid of them now so you can make room for more stuff. Call a local junk removal company to load and haul your items away promptly. Cheyenne Hauling can help do this lickety-split so your unwanted items don’t take up any more space than necessary.


Cheyenne Hauling loves helping our community with their junk hauling needs. We haul away furniture, old mattresses, electronics, appliances, books, paper, hot tubs, yard debris and waste, pianos, and more. Our experienced and friendly team can help you prepare for downsizing your home. Call us for a free estimate today!

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Cheyenne Car Hauling Services

Many of us have old cars sitting around our properties or in the street. Whether they just don’t work or you are getting them fixed up, sometimes you just don’t have a use for them. Cheyenne Hauling offers car hauling services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado for when your vehicle has outlived its lifespan. Give us a call for a free estimate today!


You Haven’t Touched the Vehicle in a Long Time

If you can’t remember the last time you used a vehicle on your property, it may be time to call for car hauling services.

The Car Hasn’t Moved in Months

If your yard’s weeds are threatening to grow taller than your vehicle, it’s probably time to call for car hauling services.

You’re Unsure If It Runs

If you don’t think your vehicle runs anymore, or you know it doesn’t, it’s probably time to give it another home.

CALL CHEYENNE HAULING for car hauling services TODAY

Cheyenne Hauling can remove your vehicle that is just taking up space on your property or in the street. Our hauling business offers a wide variety of hauling services to meet your needs. Whether you need an old fridge hauled off or you need a home cleanout, we can help. Our experienced and dedicated team offers quick services on your schedule. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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3 Signs You Need Manure Hauling Services

The average horse produces about 40 pounds of horse manure every day. If you do the math for 365 days a year that’s over 7 tons of waste products. A cow can product up to 65 tons of manure in a day, resulgint in 12 tons of manure in the course of a year. All of this horse manure piles up till the point you have to do something with it.

Cheyenne Hauling offers horse manure hauling services. We are a local Cheyenne junk removal company that hauls off old furniture, appliances, and electronics, as well as offers home cleanouts and handyman services. Below, we’ll take look at a few signs that you need manure hauling services. Call us for a free estimate today.


You Can’t Add to Your Manure Piles Any More

If your manure piles are getting to the point that you can’t add to them any more, it’s time to call for manure hauling services. Having all of that waste piled up on your property is an eye sore and not to mention flat-out smells.

You Have No More Space to Make Another Pile of Manure

If you are running out of space to make another manure pile, then it’s time to call for manure hauling services in Cheyenne. If you are looking at your land or space and notice you have no place else to create a manure pile, give our team a call for a free estimate today.

Your Piles of Manure Are Taller Than Your Barn

If your manure piles are taller than your barn or shed, it’s best to have those professionally removed as soon as possible. Manure piles can pose a health hazard both if they get in the water supply or on crops, or because of the harmful gases of the decomposition of manure.


Cheyenne Hauling is more than happy to haul the manure off your property or out of your barn so you can enjoy your property and your animals more. We offer free estimates and timely service. Give us a call for service in Northern Colorado or the greater Cheyenne, Wyoming area today.

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Why You Need a Construction Dumpster Rental in Cheyenne

On any construction site, odds are, you have a lot of debris to haul away. This debris needs to go somewhere while waiting transport to either a recycling center or a local landfill. Construction dumpster rentals offer many advantages for your job site, and Cheyenne Hauling can help. We offer construction dumpster rentals all across Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Below, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you need a construction dumpster rental. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Keep a Clean and Safe Job Site

Construction sites have their own set of hazards to manage, from watching for heavy equipment to lifting large and heavy loads. If your job site has debris and trash strewn about, you are just asking for a trip or fall hazard to occur. Plus, much of the debris can have metal, nails, screws, and other objects that could cause real damage if someone stepped or fell on them. A construction dumster rental will help keep your job site clean and safe for everyone.

Saves Time and Money

Let’s face it, being able to throw all of your junk into one bin and have it contained can save loads of time, effort, energy, and, ultimately, money. You simply walk your debris over to your dumpster and throw it in. Your local junk hauling company will collect it when it’s full and dump it for you, bringing it back ready to collect more of your construction debris. This saves your employees time in having to walk and haul trash on a continual basis, which speeds up your construction site and allows you to finish the construction site on-time and on-budget.

Throw Everything Away

Construction dumpster rentals allow you to throw all of your construction debris away in one spot. From roofing materials and discarded wood to trash, nails, grass clippings, and the like, you don’t have to worry about ripping bags or not having enough room. Plus, you can throw away heavy items, such as concrete and dirt that normal trash disposal methods simply cannot handle.


Cheyenne Hauling offers the best construction dumpsters for your job site. We serve Cheyenne, as well as the surrounding communities of Burns, Hillsdale, and Carpenter. In addition, we offer construction dumpsters in Northern Colorado. Our team has years of experience and can help you with the right dumpster. Call us with any questions you may have and for a free estimate today!

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4 Benefits of Dumpster Rentals in Cheyenne

If you are considering a home or office remodel, moving, or involved in a large landscaping project, you could benefit from a dumpster rental. Dumpster rentals make your life a lot easier and help your project to move along at a good pace.

Cheyenne Hauling offers dumpster rental, including small dumpster and construction dumpster rentals. Our mission is to help you with your large projects that can generate a large amount of debris. We serve the greater Cheyenne area, including Northern Colorado. Below, we’ll take a look at four of the benefits of renting a dumpster. Reach out to our junk hauling company for a free estimate today!



When you have a lot of trash, it’s super nice to have a large place to dump it. Consider all of the trips you have to make to and fro with trash. A dumpster is perfect to hold all of your trash for your construction or landscaping project.

Saves Time

Dumpster rentals save time. You avoid many trips to the landfill, which can take a while, especially if you hit traffic. Let’s face it, you have better things to do than haul your trash around.

Creates a Safer Job Site

Having a dedicated space to place all of your unwanted materials helps to keep your job site clean and safe. Otherwise, without a dumpster rental, discarded debris could end up lying around everywhere.

It’s Easy

In the midst of a home or office remodeling project, having a team that will haul away your trash for you is one less thing you have to do and to worry about doing.


Cheyenne Hauling offers our roll-off dumpsters that we can leave at your location and pick up and dump for you when full. This is the ultimate in convenience and ease. Call our team for a free estimate today!

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Announcing Our Kubota Zero-Turn Mower

Cheyenne Hauling is proud to announce our acquisition of our Kubota zero-turn mower. We are super excited to be adding this to our lineup of heavy equipment ready to go to work for you.

Cheyenne Hauling offers commercial and residential property cleanup services. Now, we can not only remove the junk from your home, but we can also clean up your property and make it show ready.

Some of the capabilities of our Kubota zero-turn mower includes:

  • Superior durability
  • Amazing performance
  • Can handle any mowing task
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Powerful engine
  • Great for residential and commercial property cleanups


Cheyenne Hauling offers exceptional commercial and residential property cleanup services. From junk removal to yard debris cleanup, we can help. Call our family-owned and operated business for a free estimate today!

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3 Signs You Need Deck Replacement

Many of us have decks and absolutely love them. After all, what better place to sit outside and watch the beautiful Wyoming sunsets, to have a BBQ and invite friends over, and to just enjoy the outdoors? That being said, decks wear out, and there are signs of deck replacement and removal that you should be on the lookout for.

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best deck removal services. When your deck is old, we can haul away and repurpose the wood for you. Below, we’ll go over three signs that you need deck replacement. Call our junk removal company in Cheyenne for a free estimate today!


Wood is Rotting

This is one of the first signs that it may be time to invest in a new deck. Wood will rot over time outside in the elements. You can see wood rot on the deck boards, the joists, and the bottom of the posts. Moisture and fungus are your deck’s biggest enemies. If you notice your deck wood is rotting, it may be time for deck removal.

Cracked or split Lumber

If you are tripping over your deck wood that has cracked, split, or upheaved, it’s probably time to replace your deck. When wood begins to crack, it loses a lot of its structural integrity, which is a safety hazard for walking on and for your deck furniture to sit on.

Missing Hardware and Railings

The rails of decks are for safety, and if those start to go missing, it’s definitely time to consider a deck replacement service and to have your deck removed by your local junk hauling company in Cheyenne. Nails, screws, and bolts can also disappear, positng a safety hazard as well.


Cheyenne Hauling is a local junk hauling company, serving Cheyenne, Northern Colorado, and the surrounding areas of Hillsdale, Burns, Carr, and Carpenter. Our expert team can remove your deck quickly and efficiently, so you are ready for your new deck. Simply give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Introducing Our Hook Roll Offs

Cheyenne Hauling is proud to introduce our new hook roll off system. We are ready for your heavy hauling needs, from construction site and demolition needs to dumpster rentals. We are super excited to be able to better serve you. If you need a dumpster rental, we can deliver and pick up. Call today for our junk removal, hauling, or dumpster rental needs!


Hook rolls offs feature a hydraulic lift hoist that makes dumping more precise and leaving dumpsters a snap. There are also great in tight spaces. We can haul odd-shaped devices and dumpsters. We can do a lot of work in a short amount of time. And they are safe and efficient.


Cheyenne Hauling is constantly offering new services in order to better serve your needs. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Cheyenne and the surrounding areas, as well as Northern Colorado. If you need something hauled, our hauling business can help. Call for a free estimate and to get started today!

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Yard Debris Removal in Cheyenne

Even if you have a small yard, odds are, you have some sort of yard debris. From twigs and leaves to dead grass and cut grass, there can be a lot when it comes to removing yard waste. Cheyenne Hauling offers yard debris removal services in and near the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, including Northern Colorado. Our expert team offers fast, expedient services, and sometimes even same-day service. Call our junk removal company for a free estimate today!

YARD DEBRIS WE can haul off:

  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • Dead branches
  • Twigs
  • Unused landscaping materials or old landscaping materials
  • Brush clearings
  • Mulch
  • Manure

With spring right around the corner, get your yard in shape quick. Give our local junk removal company a call to help today.


Cheyenne Hauling offers timely, prompt service when you need us, including yard debris removal. Our professional crew can have your yard debris hauled off in no time. From snow removal and appliance removal to grading services, dirt hauling, manure hauling, and residential and commercial cleanouts, we can help. Give our local junk removal company a call for a free estimate today!

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Scrap Hauling in Cheyenne

Scrap metal is usually not picked up by most trash hauling companies. Thus, if you have a lot of scrap metal, it’s best to find the best scrap hauling company near you.

Scrap Hauling You Can Trust

Cheyenne Hauling offers scrap hauling for your unwanted metal items. We haul all types of metal, from steel and copper to tin, aluminum, iron, brass, and more. If it can be recycled, we will do so before we haul it away to the landfill. Ultimately, you get your excess scrap metal hauled away and get that space back to repurpose for other uses. Whether you have a lot of extra scrap metal or a little, we can help. Call our junk hauling company for service in Cheyenne, Hillsdale, Burns, and more today!