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Horse Arena Cleanup in Cheyenne

Horses are the most popular pet in Wyoming, and there are more horses per person here in Wyoming than in any other state in the Union. Suffice it to say, Wyomingites love their horses. That being said, horses take a lot of care, including horse arena cleanup.

Cheyenne Hauling offers horse arena cleanup in the greater Cheyenne area, Laramie, and in Northern Colorado. We have years of experience in helping horse owners with the manure hauling needs. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Health of Your Horse

When horses stand in their own manure, they run the risk of developing hoof problems. One of the main reasons for this is because horse manure takes longer to dry out than in pastures, so the horse manure is actually wet.

Safety of You and Others

Horse manure can be a major slip and fall hazard for humans, even with non-slip soles on your boots. Plus, it’s just gross to constantly be stepping in horse poop all the time. The odors can accumulate quickly, especially in an enclosed space such as a horse arena.

Cuts Down on Bugs and Critters

There are many bugs and beetles that feed on horse manure. This then attracts other critters that feed on these insects, and you can quickly find yourself with a snowball effect. It also attracts flies, which are annoying not only to you, but also to your horse, too.


Cheyenne Hauling offers exceptional horse arena cleanup services in Cheyenne. Our team works quickly and efficiently to get the job done. We use heavy equipment so we can be in and out in no time so you can get back to riding. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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BBQ Grill Removal in Cheyenne

Most homeowners and business owners have a barbeque grill. After all, food grilled out on a warm summer day tastes absolutely divine. However, many people upgrade their BBQ grills, or they replace them when they wear out. So what do you do with an old BBQ grill?

Cheyenne Hauling offers BBQ grill removal in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Our team has years of experience helping you get rid of unwanted items, including old furniture, electronics, appliances, and BBQ grills. Call for a free estimate today!


Sell Your Old Grill

You can sell your old BBQ grill when you no longer need it or it’s getting older.

Donate Your Old Grill

Many non-profits or local parks would love to have an extra grill on-hand for their gatherings or for community use.

Call For Junk Removal

If your grill doesn’t work or it’s just too old to sell, call our local junk removal company to have it removed right away.


Cheyenne Hauling would love to help you remove your old items, including your BBQ grill. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Cheyenne Patio Furniture Removal

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner here in Cheyenne. As such, you may be already preparing your yard for the winter. Perhaps you are looking around your patio and are noticing how tattered your patio furniture has become. You may be looking for a patio furniture removal job here in Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Hauling offers patio furniture removal services. We can remove your old patio furniture and haul it away. This will free up your patio for either a new set or perhaps some other purpose you have in mind. Call for a free estimate today!


Your Patio Furniture is Broken Beyond Repair

Patio furniture can wear out quicker than other furniture if it is exposed to the elements. Having rain, snow, or wind damage can occur frequently here in Cheyenne. This can cause a premature breakdown of your patio furniture.

Your Patio Furniture Rocks When You Sit On It

Unless you patio furniture is a rocking chair, it should not move when you sit on it. In fact, your patio furniture should feel stable and secure. If this is not the case, it may be time to call for patio furniture removal today.

Your Patio Furniture Has Become Uncomfortable

Most of us want to enjoy our outdoor living space. However, if your patio furniture is uncomfortable, you’ll use your outdoor space less. Given that being outdoors is so healthy for us, this may not be the best of ideas.


Cheyenne Hauling is proud to serve Cheyenne and Northern Colorado with our junk removal services, including patio furniture removal. Our family-owned company can’t wait to help you have the outdoor living space you love. Call us for a free junk removal estimate today!

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What to Do With Old Tools

Most of us have old tools lying around in the garage or shed, most likely collecting dust. At some point, it’s time to get rid of those old tools. So what do you do with them? Cheyenne Hauling offers junk removal services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Keep reading to learn more about what to do with old tools, and contact us for a free estimate today!


Sell Them

You can sell your old tools if they are still usable. This is a great way to get a bit of cash in your pocket and to give people who need tools a great deal.

Donate Them

Donating your old tools is another great way to not only get rid of them, but to bless others with them. From your church to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and other non-profits, old tools can most definitely come in handy.

Contact A Power Tool Dealer

If you have power tools to recycle, some power tool dealers will recycle them for you. You may have to remove the battery and either dispose of it or recycle it separately.

Use as Creative Furniture

Old tools can be turned into an item that you’ll use. Some examples include a wall hanger out of a rake, a garden trellis out of your old hoe, and a gate out of old shovels. The sky’s the limit to use your creativity to create a piece of art that is useful and recycles old tools.

Call for Junk Removal

If all else fails and you still have a lot of old tools lying around your Cheyenne or Northern Colorado home, give Cheyenne Hauling a call for junk removal services. Oftentimes, we can recycle these for our uses or just haul them away for you.


Cheyenne Hauling offers junk removal services for all of your unwanted items. From old TVs and stereos to coaches, electronics, appliances, and furniture, our team can help you clear out your home, declutter, and reclaim space. Call for a free estimate today!

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Do You Know a Hoarder? It May Be Time for Hoarding Junk Removal

Hoarding can be a real problem for many. Defined as,”the process of collecting or accumulating items,” hoarding can truly be a disorder that people need help with. Cheyenne Hauling offers hoarding junk removal services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Learn more below, and contact us today!


A hoarding disorder is when people save items for no real reason, and they have a difficult time getting rid of items. Hoarding is beyond collecting. Collectors amass certain items. On the oher hand, hoarders save random items and then put them in no particular space. Those who hoard don’t see themselves as hoarders, which is why it is crucial for family members and friends to get involved.


Therapy, in particular cognitive behavioral therapy, is recommended for hoarders. If you have a friend or family member who hoards, you can reach out to professionals on their behalf to evaluate your next steps.


Hoarding can be bad for a person’s physical health. Many hoarders are animal hoarders, and animals produce a lot of waste. Once a person begins treatment for hoarding, it’s often easier to have professional junk haulers help. This removes you as the “bad guy” in the hoarder’s mind and removes the responsibility, too. Cheyenne Hauling can help go through items and haul off unwanted items. Call for a free quote today.


Cheyenne Hauling offers home cleanouts, including those for hoarders. We understand how serious this disorder is, and we always treat people’s stuff with care and compassion. In addition, we do our best to remove unwanted and useless items, while saving important documents and items of sentimental value. Call us for a free estimate for house cleanouts and hoarding junk removal today!

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Cheyenne Car Hauling Services

Many of us have old cars sitting around our properties or in the street. Whether they just don’t work or you are getting them fixed up, sometimes you just don’t have a use for them. Cheyenne Hauling offers car hauling services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado for when your vehicle has outlived its lifespan. Give us a call for a free estimate today!


You Haven’t Touched the Vehicle in a Long Time

If you can’t remember the last time you used a vehicle on your property, it may be time to call for car hauling services.

The Car Hasn’t Moved in Months

If your yard’s weeds are threatening to grow taller than your vehicle, it’s probably time to call for car hauling services.

You’re Unsure If It Runs

If you don’t think your vehicle runs anymore, or you know it doesn’t, it’s probably time to give it another home.

CALL CHEYENNE HAULING for car hauling services TODAY

Cheyenne Hauling can remove your vehicle that is just taking up space on your property or in the street. Our hauling business offers a wide variety of hauling services to meet your needs. Whether you need an old fridge hauled off or you need a home cleanout, we can help. Our experienced and dedicated team offers quick services on your schedule. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Why You Need a Construction Dumpster Rental in Cheyenne

On any construction site, odds are, you have a lot of debris to haul away. This debris needs to go somewhere while waiting transport to either a recycling center or a local landfill. Construction dumpster rentals offer many advantages for your job site, and Cheyenne Hauling can help. We offer construction dumpster rentals all across Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Below, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you need a construction dumpster rental. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Keep a Clean and Safe Job Site

Construction sites have their own set of hazards to manage, from watching for heavy equipment to lifting large and heavy loads. If your job site has debris and trash strewn about, you are just asking for a trip or fall hazard to occur. Plus, much of the debris can have metal, nails, screws, and other objects that could cause real damage if someone stepped or fell on them. A construction dumster rental will help keep your job site clean and safe for everyone.

Saves Time and Money

Let’s face it, being able to throw all of your junk into one bin and have it contained can save loads of time, effort, energy, and, ultimately, money. You simply walk your debris over to your dumpster and throw it in. Your local junk hauling company will collect it when it’s full and dump it for you, bringing it back ready to collect more of your construction debris. This saves your employees time in having to walk and haul trash on a continual basis, which speeds up your construction site and allows you to finish the construction site on-time and on-budget.

Throw Everything Away

Construction dumpster rentals allow you to throw all of your construction debris away in one spot. From roofing materials and discarded wood to trash, nails, grass clippings, and the like, you don’t have to worry about ripping bags or not having enough room. Plus, you can throw away heavy items, such as concrete and dirt that normal trash disposal methods simply cannot handle.


Cheyenne Hauling offers the best construction dumpsters for your job site. We serve Cheyenne, as well as the surrounding communities of Burns, Hillsdale, and Carpenter. In addition, we offer construction dumpsters in Northern Colorado. Our team has years of experience and can help you with the right dumpster. Call us with any questions you may have and for a free estimate today!

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How a Junk Removal Company Can Help With Your Office Relocation

When your office is relocating, there can be a lot of logistics to contend with. From transferring utilities to handling the logistics of packing up all of your office furniture, there is a lot involved in switching office locations. So how can a local junk removal company help with your office relocation?

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best junk hauling services in Cheyenne. From refrigerations to box springs, electronics, old furniture, and old clothes, we’ve got your needs covered. Below, we’ll take a look at how a junk removal company can help with your office relocation. Contact our team to get started today!


Many companies don’t take the time to put a plan together when they are looking to move offices. Instead, they make the decision and plow ahead, rather than thinking through all of the steps.

One of the first things your business and employees should do when moving office spaces is to go through all of your items and throw away any unused or unwanted items. After all, do you really want to pay a moving company to move items you don’t want anymore?

One easy way to do this is to rent a dumpster from Cheyenne Hauling. We can deliver a dumpster for your employees to fill as they go through their belongings and then pick it up for disposal. We can also come and haul items out of your office space is that’s what you’d prefer as well. The point is to only move those items that are necessary. This will help you organize your new space, too.


As a local business, Cheyenne Hauling loves helping other local businesses with their junk removal services. If you are moving and need your office junk hauled away, give us a call we offer free estimates and have quick turnaround times, so we can schedule around your needs. Or, if you are just removing items to clear out space, we can help. Decluttering is good for the mind and the soul. Call us to get started today!

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Top 5 Items You Need to Throw Away

We all hold onto items that we probably just need to throw away. Yet, that voice inside of us tells us we might need it; so we don’t. However, most likely there are items that you need to throw away that will help you declutter and have a cleaner space.

Cheyenne Hauling offers junk removal services in Cheyenne. Our team has years of experience, and we love helping you remove unwanted items so you can make way for new. Below, we’ll take a look at the top five items you need to throw away. Call us for a free estimate today!


Old Magazines

Many people keep old magazines, thinking they may read them again. From National Geographic to clothing catalogs, odds are, you aren’t ever going to read these again. They are just taking up space, and they should be removed, recycled, or thrown away.

Old Clothes

Many of us keep clothes thinking that one day we may fit in them again. Or, we just keep old clothes that have worn out their use. However, if you haven’t worn them in the past year, they need to go. Donating them to your local charity is a great way to repurpose your old clothes, or call our junk removal service if your old clothes are just too old to reuse.

Outdated Medicines

Many of us have unused portions of prescription medications lying around house in medicine cabinets taking up space. If you have medicines that have expired, they need to be tossed.

Old Makeup

Sometimes we buy makeup and then don’t like the shade we buy. Or, we go through phases where we wear makeup all the time and then quit. If you have old makeup lying around in your bathroom drawers, it’s time to throw these out.

Old Food and Pantry Items

It’s super easy for little-used food items to get pushed to the back of your pantry or fridge and then sit there. Any food that has expired, rotted, or that you won’t eat needs to be gotten rid of. Not only will you clear room in your fridge and shelves, but you’ll keep down the chance for rodents to be attracted to your food.


Cheyenne Hauling is your local Cheyenne junk removal company of choice. Our top-rated team has years of experience helping you get rid of your unwanted items. If you’ve thrown out a bunch of unused items and need help hauling it away, give us a call. We offer free estimates and serve all of southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Give us a call today!

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4 Benefits of Dumpster Rentals in Cheyenne

If you are considering a home or office remodel, moving, or involved in a large landscaping project, you could benefit from a dumpster rental. Dumpster rentals make your life a lot easier and help your project to move along at a good pace.

Cheyenne Hauling offers dumpster rental, including small dumpster and construction dumpster rentals. Our mission is to help you with your large projects that can generate a large amount of debris. We serve the greater Cheyenne area, including Northern Colorado. Below, we’ll take a look at four of the benefits of renting a dumpster. Reach out to our junk hauling company for a free estimate today!



When you have a lot of trash, it’s super nice to have a large place to dump it. Consider all of the trips you have to make to and fro with trash. A dumpster is perfect to hold all of your trash for your construction or landscaping project.

Saves Time

Dumpster rentals save time. You avoid many trips to the landfill, which can take a while, especially if you hit traffic. Let’s face it, you have better things to do than haul your trash around.

Creates a Safer Job Site

Having a dedicated space to place all of your unwanted materials helps to keep your job site clean and safe. Otherwise, without a dumpster rental, discarded debris could end up lying around everywhere.

It’s Easy

In the midst of a home or office remodeling project, having a team that will haul away your trash for you is one less thing you have to do and to worry about doing.


Cheyenne Hauling offers our roll-off dumpsters that we can leave at your location and pick up and dump for you when full. This is the ultimate in convenience and ease. Call our team for a free estimate today!