How Junk Removal Services Can Enhance Your Interior Design

How Junk Removal Services Can Enhance Your Interior Design

Interior design is an art form that combines aesthetics and functionality to create harmonious and inviting spaces. However, over time, clutter can accumulate, detracting from the overall design and impact of your interior space. This is where professional junk removal services from Cheyenne Hauling come in, offering a transformative solution that enhances your interior design. In this blog post, we will explore how junk removal services can revitalize your space, giving it a fresh start and enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Call us for junk removal services in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Northern Colorado today.

Decluttering for a Clean Canvas

Junk removal services provide the opportunity to declutter and create a clean canvas for your interior design vision. By removing unwanted items, you can free up space and allow your design elements to shine. Whether it’s old furniture, stacks of papers, or unused decorative pieces, getting rid of clutter opens up possibilities for new design layouts and creative arrangements.

Emphasizing Focus on Key Design Elements

When your space is cluttered, attention can be easily diverted from the key design elements you want to showcase. Junk removal services allow you to remove distractions and emphasize the focal points of your interior design. Whether it’s a stunning piece of artwork, a unique architectural feature, or a statement furniture piece, removing unnecessary clutter allows these elements to take center stage and create visual impact.

Creating a Sense of Space and Tranquility

A cluttered and disorganized space can feel chaotic and overwhelming. By removing unwanted items through junk removal services, you can create a sense of space and tranquility in your interior design. The open area allows for better flow and movement, making the space feel more spacious and inviting. This, in turn, contributes to a more relaxing and peaceful environment that promotes well-being.

Highlighting Design Coherence

Junk removal services can help you achieve greater design coherence by eliminating objects that disrupt the overall visual harmony of your space in Cheyenne, Laramie, or Northern Colorado. Removing mismatched or outdated items allows the remaining design elements to complement and reinforce each other, creating a cohesive and cohesive look. This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior design and creates a more visually pleasing environment.

Reducing Visual Clutter and Distractions

Excessive clutter can create visual noise and distractions that decrease the impact of your interior design. Junk removal services enable you to reduce visual clutter, allowing the eye to focus on the intentional design choices you have made. Removing unnecessary items brings a sense of simplicity and clean lines to your space, heightening its aesthetic appeal and allowing your design choices to take center stage.

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Junk removal services from Cheyenne Hauling offer a transformative solution for enhancing your interior design. By decluttering, emphasizing key design elements, creating a sense of space and tranquility, highlighting design coherence, and reducing visual clutter, these services breathe new life into your space and elevate its aesthetic appeal. So, whether you’re looking to revamp your home, office, or commercial space, the expertise of our junk removal services can help you unleash the full potential of your interior design vision. Call for junk removal services in Cheyenne, Laramie, Northern Colorado, and beyond today.

RV fire damage removal services

RV Fire Damage Removal in Cheyenne

RVs provide a unique way of traveling and exploring the great outdoors. However, they are not invincible, and accidents can happen, the most significant of which is RV fire. Fires can be detrimental to an RV, leaving behind extensive damage that requires professional fire damage removal services. When using such services, there are instances where the RV may be beyond restoration, and the owners may want to haul it away. In this blog, we discuss professional RV fire damage removal services from Cheyenne Hauling, a local hauling company located in Cheyenne, that include the hauling away of your RV. Call for a free estimate today.

The RV Removal Process

When you contact a reliable RV fire damage removal company to haul away your RV, the process involves the following steps:


Firstly, our junk removal team will access the site to determine the extent of the damage to your RV. After the inspection, we will give you a quote for the hauling away of the RV.

Proper Hauling Equipment

Our junk haulers will gather the necessary tools and equipment for the procedure.

RV Disposal

Our RV fire damage removal professionals will schedule a good time for RV removal. We will show up, remove your RV, and clean up afterward, leaving no trace behind.


RV fire damage removal services haul away the RV if it is beyond restoration. Our professional team ensures that any hazardous materials are disposed of correctly. If you have a fire-damage RV on your property that needs removed in Cheyenne, Laramie, or Northern Colorado, call Cheyenne Hauling for a free estimate today!

tips to survive cheyenne frontier days

Tips to Survive Cheyenne Frontier Days

As a Cheyenne resident, Cheyenne Frontier Days happens every year like clockwork. For many, it’s a great time, and it showcases our state to the nation. For others, it can lead to problems, including parking and trash. Cheyenne Hauling offers junk and trash removal in Cheyenne. Read below for tips to survive Cheyenne Frontier Days, contact us for a free quote today!


Pick Up Trash Daily

If you live near the center of Cheyenne Frontier Days’ activities, trash can be a problem. Try to pick it up on a daily basis, so it doesn’t build up, or call Cheyenne Hauling for junk removal today.

Use Cones for Parking

There’s nothing against investing in some orange cones and putting them in front of your driveway to make it crystal clear to others that you don’t want your driveway blocked.

Avoid Downtown

If you don’t like crowds, then simply avoid the downtown area for the week. Plan your trips elsewhere that week, or try to go at non-peak times. You can use this strategy, too, for restaurants.


If you are in need of junk removal for your Cheyenne home during Cheyenne Frontier Days, give us a call. We can help ensure your residential or commercial property looks tidy. Call for a free estimate today!

4 downsizing tips for seniors

4 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

As you age, you are probably looking to downsize your home. After all, you don’t need that much space any more. The kids have moved out, and all that extra space is just room you have to care for. Cheyenne Hauling is a local junk removal company in Cheyenne. We offer junk removal and hauling services for all of your unwanted items. Below, we’ll take a look at four downsizing tips for seniors. Contact us for a free quote today!


Don’t Rush

You’ll want to take your time when it comes to your downsizing process. Odds are, you’ve been considering this a long time, and you are probably still thinking about where you want to move. It’s best to start early so you have time to go through your things one item at a time and consider them. You won’t feel stressed, either.

Go Room by Room

It’s best to tackle your downsizing project by compartmentalizing your home. You can go room by room, starting with the rooms that are not frequently used. A spare bedroom or an unused closet is a good place to start. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when these areas are cleaned out quickly.

Sort Unwanted Items into Piles

As you are going through your belongings, you’ll want to sort them into piles. Make a “get rid of” pile, a “keep pile,” and a “maybe” pile. This will help you eliminate duplicate work. Consider carefully if you will use these items. Odds are, if you haven’t touched them in a year, they should be given away or disposed of properly.

Call for Junk Removal Services

When you have a good pile of items that needs to go, it’s best to get rid of them now so you can make room for more stuff. Call a local junk removal company to load and haul your items away promptly. Cheyenne Hauling can help do this lickety-split so your unwanted items don’t take up any more space than necessary.


Cheyenne Hauling loves helping our community with their junk hauling needs. We haul away furniture, old mattresses, electronics, appliances, books, paper, hot tubs, yard debris and waste, pianos, and more. Our experienced and friendly team can help you prepare for downsizing your home. Call us for a free estimate today!

cheyenne fence removal services

Cheyenne Fence Removal

Most homeowners and some business owners have fencing. Fences serve many purposes, from having a controlled area where the dog can go out and do their business to having a fenced area for the kids to play in. However, fencing will eventually need replacing due to the fact it is being exposed to the elements. You’ll have to haul off the old fence and install the new one.

Cheyenne Hauling is a handyman and junk removal company that offers junk hauling and handyman services in the Cheyenne area, including Burns, Hillsdale, and Carpenter, as well as Northern Colorado. Our experienced team works quickly and efficiently to haul away your old fence, and we can install your new one if desired. Below, we’ll take a look at three of the signs you need to replace your fence. Contact us for a free estimate today!



If your fence is rotting, you most definitely will need a new fence. Rotting wood cannot be salvaged; it will only continue to deteriorate. The extent of the rotting wood will help you decide if it needs to be replaced.

Missing Boards

Missing boards are areas that leave your fence vulnerable. Your dog could escape, a critter could get in, or someone could access your backyard. You could just replace the missing boards if there are but a few of them.

Falling Down

A fence that is not standing upright is usually a sign of structural damage. Your fence will lose its strength over time and it’s ability to stand upright without reinforcements. Here, it is usually more affordable to replace your fence than repair it.


Cheyenne Hauling can haul away your old fencing material or remove it altogether for you. Our experienced team can also install your new fencing in one fell swoop. We understand how important a fence is to your home and your use. In fact, as dog owners ourselves, we couldn’t go too long without our fenced yard. If you need Cheyenne fence removal services, give us a call for a free estimate today!

garage cleanouts in cheyenne

Garage Cleanouts in Cheyenne

For most homeowners, they love their garages. After all, a garage has a lot of uses, from being a place to park your car out of the snow to being an extra storage area. However, many people pile items in their garage on a continual basis until it becomes a big overwhelming. In this case, it’s time for a garage cleanout.

Cheyenne Hauling offers garage cleanouts as part of our junk removal business. We can help haul alway all of your unwanted items, including old appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. This will help you reclaim your garage for a better use. Below, we’ll review some of the most frequent items we find in garage cleanouts. Call us for a free estimate today!


  • Old appliances
  • Electronics
  • Baby items
  • Old tools
  • Old furniture
  • Books
  • Unused mattresses
  • Ammunition
  • Batteries
  • Unwanted Christmas decorations
  • Old clothes
  • Old shoes
  • And more


It’s just part of life that you collect items. Yet, for some people, it’s harder to get rid of items than throw it away. Your garage is a great storage place. After all, it’s sheltered from the elements, but it’s in a part of your home where it’s not in the way.

Cheyenne Hauling offers garage cleanouts as part of our junk removal services in Cheyenne and the surrounding areas, including Northern Colorado. Our experienced team loves to help homeowners reclaim space for a better use. Many people these days are turning their garages into additional living space, such as for a home office, a home gym, a mechanics’ shop, or a kids’ play area. Let us help you. Call for a free estimate today!

cheyenne handyman services for seniors

3 Spring Handyman Projects

While most of us look forward to spring when the birds return and serenade us every morning, there can be a lot of work to get done around the house, both inside and out. This can be a bit overwhelmign to say the least. Luckily, for your spring handyman projects, we can help.

Cheyenne Hauling offers handyman services in Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. Our talented team can help you with a wide variety of projects, including plumbing, electrical, fencing, and more. Below, we’ll review three spring handyman projects we can help with. Contact our Cheyenne handyman business for a free estimate today!


Install a Ceiling Fan

While a fan does not produce cool air itself like an air conditioning unit does, it serves to move the air around, which then makes you cooler — which could be just the thing you need at night. We can help you install your ceiling fan today. Call now.

Mount a TV

Mounting a TV can be a bear for sure, especially if it’s large. Plus, you most definitely don’t want to drop it and cause damage. When you partner with a local handyman business, such as Cheyenne Hauling, we can help you hang your TV in no time.

Garage Repairs

Many people use their garages on a daily basis by parking their car in. All this use of the garage door can take its toll, leading to an often squeaky or broken garage door. Cheyenne Hauling can help repair your garage door quickly. Call for a free estimate today!


Cheyenne Hauling offers exceptional handyman services, as well as junk removal, in and around Cheyenne and Northern Colorodo, including Hillsdale and Windsor. When you partner with our handyman company, you can be sure to receive timely and efficient work and craftsmanship. Call for a free quote today!

cheyenne basement cleanouts

Cheyenne Basement Cleanouts

During the course of our lifetimes, we all tend to collect things that we’ve used and not use very much anymore, or even items that we think we might need or use and never do. As these items go longer without being used, they turn into junk that at some point just need to be removed. One place in your home where you might collect a lot of junk is your basement.

Cheyenne Hauling offers basement cleanout services for when your junk just needs to go. Our top-rated team has years of experience in the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area helping homeowners and businesses clean out their basements full of junk. Below, we’ll take a look at what a basement cleanout looks like. Call our junk removal company for a free quote today!


  • Decide what has to go. Before you schedule your basement cleanout service for your Cheyenne home or business, decide what is staying and what must go. Separate these into piles to make it easier for your local junk removal company to sort things out and haul away.
  • Be realistic about what is junk. Basements are places we collect unused items. Some of these items have sat untouched for years. Rule of thumb for basement cleanouts is if you haven’t touched it in over two years, it’s automatically junk. If you haven’t touched it in a year, this is a case-by-case basis. Do know that if you haven’t touched it, you probably never will. And that junk is keeping you from having a nice space in the basement all your own.
  • Schedule your basement cleanout. Once your junk piles are sorted, call your local Cheyenne basement cleanout service. Cheyenne Hauling will give you a quote over the phone or will schedule a time to come and take a look. This gives us a chance to see the full scope of your project. Then, we’ll schedule a day and time that works well for your schedule for the basement cleanout.
  • Perform the basement cleanout service. Our expert junk haulers will show up on time and be ready to work quickly to remove all of your unwanted items from your basement as quickly as possible.
  • You’re free! You now have a beautiful, clean, new space to call your own and add a bedroom, a gym, an office, a kid play area, or whatever your heart desires.


Cheyenne Hauling is proud to offer residential and commercial basement cleanout services. Sometimes just calling us is impetus enough to ride your basement of junk. Call our junk removal company to get started today!

cheyenne carpet removal

Cheyenne Carpet Removal

Removing carpet can be difficult. After all, carpet is in huge sections that you usually have to roll up, and then you have to haul it outside and somehow haul it to the local landfill. This can be a challenge if you don’t have a pickup truck and you don’t want to haul heavy carpet.

Cheyenne Hauling is a local junk removal company in Cheyenne. We are more than happy to help you haul your carpet away and remove it as well. We understand that carpet can be heavy and awkward to carry. If you don’t feel comfortable doing carrying or hauling, give our team a call. With years of experience, we can help you. Below are some benefits to hiring a professiona for carpet removal services. Reach out for a free quote today!


  1. We haul everything away. A professional carpet removal and hauling company can tear up and haul away the carpet, the tack strips, the padding, glue, and more. They will ensure your flooring is free from carpet for good.
  2. We work quickly. Our handyman team has years of experience in removing and hauling away carpet. Let us save you time and money by hauling away your carpet from your Cheyenne home or office fast.
  3. We leave nothing behind. Our professional carpet removing and hauling service leaves nothing behind. We ensure your flooring is in pristine condition. Call our hauling company today!


Carpet removal is definitely a chore most people don’t want to do. Save the hassle, and call for a free quote on carpet removal today!

storage unit junk removal services cheyenne

Cheyenne Storage Unit Junk Removal

Almost 10% of American households are renting a storage unit for one reason or another. This is 1 out of 10 of your friends, on average. There are many reasons to rent a storage unit, from you’re in transition to a move to the fact you have a lot of memorabilia you want to store that you just don’t want cluttering up your home. However, many people have storage units full of items that they have not touched in years and probably need to have hauled away.

Cheyenne Hauling offers the best in junk removal services in Cheyenne, including storage unit junk removal. We can come to your storage unit and help you load up all of your unwanted items and have them hauled away for you. Below, we’ll list some signs that you may need junk removal serices for your storage unit. Call our local hauling business today!


You Can’t Remember What’s In Your Storage Unit

If you can’t remember what’s in your storage unit, you probably need junk removal services. Many people move stuff into their storage unit and then don’t ever touch the items for years AND they continue to pay a monthly fee for items they don’t use. If you add up all those years of fees, odds are, you probably could have bought what is in your storage unit several times over.

Your Storage Unit is Overflowing

If you are finding that you are stuffing in more and more items in your storage unit to the point it is overflowing, then you probably need junk removal services. If your storage unit is overflowing, then you can’t reach any of the items in the back and you probably aren’t using them. It’s time for a major spring cleaning of your items.

You Have Two or Three of the Same Items

If you are storing multiples of the same items, it’s time to do some decluttering and go through your storage unit. Ask yourself, “Do you really need that many pots, pans, crockery, folding chairs, table clothes, and the like?” A junk removal service can help you haul away items you won’t use, possibly allowing you to downgrade to more affordable storage unit, or make room for more items.


Cheyenne Hauling offers junk removal services in the Cheyenne area. We can help with all your decluttering, spring cleaning, storage unit removal, hauling services, and more. Contact our junk hauling company for a free quote today!